Personalised Wooden Married Sign


Brand new, our Personalised Wooden Married Sign makes a beautiful and meaningful wedding gift for a special couple.

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This Personalised Wooden Married Sign makes such a thoughtful and lasting reminder of a wedding day. Made from rustic reclaimed wood, each sign is hand cut, waxed and printed to order in our Derbyshire workshop and hung with a rusted wire hanger.

Using reclaimed wood gives each sign its own unique finish. The rustic wood may have old nail holes, knots, saw marks and uneven edges creating an authentic aged appearance. Please study the images to be familiar with the rustic finish.

The Personalised Wooden Married Sign is completely personalised with your words. The top line features the couples names in a modern calligraphy style font. The middle line is the main line on the sign and is in a modern block capitals font – here we put the word MARRIED, or ENGAGED. Beneath this sits the bottom line; this line is in a smaller size and is the date of the occasion.

The sign is hung with a rusted wire hanger and will look beautiful hung from a door knob, hook or handle in the home.

Makes a unique and thoughtful 5th (wood) anniversary gift.

Dimensions: approx 22cm long x 9cm tall x 1.5cm deep


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