Happy Birthday to Delightful Living!

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We can hardly believe it ourselves, but Delightful Living is ten years old this year.

Sitting at the kitchen table painting signs back in 2008, I would never have believed that ten years later Paul and I would be running a successful small business. Along with our team of creatives we have made the Delightful dream a reality.

During those ten years we have made around 70,000 products. A large percentage of those have been wooden signs which we make from reclaimed and upcycled wood. It’s a crazy thought that if you put each of those wooden signs in a line they would cover a distance of around 12 miles!

The cogs of the Delightful Living engine keep turning thanks to the amazing team we have working with us in The Old Cow Shed – home to Delightful Living HQ. Myself and Paul head up the team, with Hannah on design, Dawn on printing, Eleanor and Naomi on finishing and packing and Len on handyman duties in the woodstore.

And let’s not forget the Delightful Dogs – Riley and Lola – who come to work with us each day!

A big thank you to all our customers, new and old, your support of our small business is very much appreciated.

I wonder what the next ten years will bring us…

Anne & Paul

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